// Welcome!

Yo, I'm demonicRiddle, welcome to my fairly primitive website. You've likely come here from my YouTube channel, but if not, you can find it below. I created this website cause it would be better to catalogue the things I've found on the internet here than in my browser's bookmarks, and I thought others could find them interesting as well. Along with that, I've also created a section for my future YouTube videos and a potential blog where I might talk about things that wouldn't be made into a video.

As I mentioned, this website is fairly primitive. I'm not that well versed in HTML and CSS, and a design like this suffices for now, but in the future I might remake it and play around with it more. When that will come, I have no idea.

You can find me at these links: YouTubeTwitterMyAnimeListLetterboxdLast.fm

// Website Updates

06/06/2023: first ever iteration of the website :3