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// About

Yo, I'm demonicRiddle. I'm an (hopefully) upcoming YouTuber whose videos will consist of practically anything, whether it be Internet related or not. You might know this already if you came to this website through my channel, but if not, you can find it below. I created this website cause it would be better to catalogue the things I've found on the Internet here than in my browser's bookmarks, and I thought others could find them interesting as well. Along with that, I've also created a section for my future YouTube videos, a potential blog where I might talk about things that wouldn't be made into a video and a section for other things I've made that I'd like to share.

You can find me at these links: YouTubeTwitterSteam | BackloggdMyAnimeListLetterboxdLast.fm

// Website Updates

  • 09-03-2023 - the second version of the website is complete, with additional updates over the coming months
  • 06-06-2023 - first ever iteration of the website :3